Saturday, October 27, 2012


Few words about my vectorizing job.

A man sent me an image with instractions about what he wants from me. I don't know the author of this image, but what I know, is that this image should be made for embroidering patch. For this purpose the image should be in vector format. There is my customer's image:

Hey, que honda, esse?

And then I put it in Illustrator and after a lot of hours, I created something like this (this time I used a bit lighter color scheme):

I'm surprized, they are still recognizable (if not - use your imagination)

And when I'm getting the money, everything transforms in that kind of colors:

It's not about drugs, it's about hormones ... fellows

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  1. Good Work and yes they are still recognizable. Image is very creative and also your vector art work. Thanks.