Sunday, November 18, 2012

lost teeth in translation

Yesterday half day I spent turning out these wooden pegs. These are for a German architect. He asked my old friend (who is a joiner) to make them, but this work is too detrimental for him. Therefore, my friend didn't go to the store where he could buy for cheep money some factory made (or little-Chinese-hands-made) good-looking wooden pegs, but he kindly asked me to do a little turning job. Actually, I really don't like turning. And my lathe really is not exactly a turning machine. But the German architect wants some rustic, locally-made wooden pegs.. very, very wants! Ok, here they are:

in reality they look better.. wunderbar, he should say

And other half of my yesterday was also very "exciting". From time to time, I am making text translations from English, Polish and Russian to local language. As you can see, language things are not my best (after turning, of course). But I have to eat, sometimes drink some beer.. girls.. and pay bills, yes, these fucking bills. That's why I have to do everything to get paid. And sometimes this work is really encouraging (not only at the payday). It really gives me satisfaction when I have to translate something like this: "Surveys conducted by the McGill University in Canada with support from Straumann have shown that unease during kissing is considerably reduced if prostheses are anchored in place by implants." HESUS, WHAT HAVE I DONE TO YOU?!

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