Sunday, March 8, 2015


Once I had a good friend. He studied an architecture. Together we made architectural models of buildings and so on. He graduated university and become an architect. I worked in wood carving workshop and at the same time continuous with architectural models. When times changed and nobody needed wood carvings, I entered a new profession. I started working at the architectural modelling workshop. It was fun till started real estate crisis. Workshop went bankrupt. It was long time ago but I'm still not settled in life.. actually I don't have any profession after tha at all. I tried to be a a courier, welder, furniture fitter, illustrator, cat sitter and maybe something else, but without success.

Recently I found in my old computer old website files. I uploaded those in free resource again after so many years. Mostly here are photos of models from times when I had not yet commenced employment as a professional modeller. Here it is Mazo Formu Dizaina Studija.

it is not very architectural

Iegrāmatošanai: Atradu vecajos failos savu kādreizējo arhitektūras maketu mājas lapu. Nostaļģija ir briesmīga lieta, it sevišķi, kad nekas jauns dzīvē nenotiek un nesolās ari vairs notikt. Dažkārt man patīk pabrīnīties, kādas tik muļķības dzīvē neesmu darījis: reiz bija Mazo Formu Dizaina Studija.

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