Sunday, August 11, 2013


Now I am working at the Rija Films as a colorist. I'm doing a coloring work at the computer with a very very large monitor and wacom tablet for the animation film "The Golden Horse". Almost a month has passed since I work here. The office is in a very nice, calm place somewhere between school, church and cemetery. Actually, there are lots of cemeteries and churches around, and very often it is possible to hear artistic bell sounds from orthodox churches - I love those bell parties. When I look through the window outside, I can see the very old Pokrov Cemetery. It's a nice calm place where I often go to eat my lunch.. and to find some tragic words on tombstones for reading. Outside there is a reminder of "Memento Mori", but inside the office are lots of girls... yees, I have never before worked in places where are so many girls.. YOOHOO! I love this place! But, unfortunately, life goes on and in some weeks I should go to learn some serious profession. Maybe I will be a welder.. it is not my dream work but I have to do something to earn money for living and get a computer at last (for now I stole my sister's old laptop with Linux on it).

I draw very rarely since I started to work in the office

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