Sunday, November 25, 2012

Social anxiety disorder

Yesterday my old friend - social phobia was with me. I couldn't went at the exhibiton, there was a lot of people. It is a terrible thing, but I can't do anything with that.

I can't imagine how it should look like

After that, I went to bookstore and found "Complete Nonsense" by Edward Lear. I found this book very appropriate as my today's birthday gift. Happy birthday me!

Now I sit here at the computer and read this book:

So Mr Daddy Long-Legs
And Mr Floppy Fly
Sat down in silence by the sea,
And gazed upon the sky.
They said, 'This is a dreadful thing!
'The world has all gone wrong,
Since one has legs too short by half,
The other much too long!
One never more can go to court,
Because his legs have grown too short;
The other cannot sing a song,
Bacause his legs have grown too long!'

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