Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Drowned rat to verdant green*

Today was my excursion day. I encountered two exciting things. Number one:
For first time in my life I overheard a real English (not TV) small-talk. The minister of English church, who was mowing grass around the church where I and my friend were walking around, was talking with a woman. I was totally moved.. it was so easy, freely and.. I can't describe it, but I listened to it and was totally delighted. I will never be able talk like that, even in my native language...

this is not what you think, this is a church cupola from inside

Number two: In the British cemetery of Funchal I found a part of someone's jaw-bone. Looks like it was from an old man with teeth problems.. It was weird, I find it strange to find someone's bones in cemetery.. although where else would they be :)  You see, there is a lot of bones there, but you don't see them. Things with which you are talking to, are words on the burial stones. Cemetery is not an archeological museum where bones is only an exposition. However, to find a bone in an old cemetery is a big thing for imagination and self-reflection.

in the place where I am pointing at, weather is fine all the time

* words from one topic at the church's website, beside which I heard the natural English small-talk.

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